Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

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Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

Action | Science Fiction | Adventure
8 / 10
Release Date
24 March 2021
1 : 53 minutes
Spoken Language
In a time when monsters walk the Earth, humanity’s fight for its future sets Godzilla and Kong on a collision course that will see the two most powerful forces of nature on the planet collide in a spectacular battle for the ages.

Cast Overview :

Dr. Nathan Lind
by: Alexander Skarsgård
Madison Russell
by: Millie Bobby Brown
Dr. Ilene Andrews
by: Rebecca Hall
Bernie Hayes
by: Brian Tyree Henry
Ren Serizawa
by: Shun Oguri
Maia Simmons
by: Eiza González
Josh Valentine
by: Julian Dennison
by: Lance Reddick
Mark Russell
by: Kyle Chandler
Walter Simmons
by: Demián Bichir
by: Kaylee Hottle
Admiral Wilcox
by: Hakeem Kae-Kazim
Jay Wayne
by: Ronny Chieng
by: John Pirruccello
by: Chris Chalk
Apex Cybernetics Security Guard
by: Conlan Casal
Apex Cybernetics Security Guard
by: Brad McMurray
Sonar Operator
by: Benjamin Rigby
Apex Cybernetics Armed Guard
by: Nick Turello
by: Daniel Nelson
Monarch Mission Tech
by: Priscilla Doueihy
HEAV Pilot
by: Kei Kudo
HEAV Pilot
by: Bradd Buckley
HEAV Co-Pilot
by: John Walton
HEAV Co-Pilot
by: Daniel Tuiara
Maia Apex Cybernetics Guard
by: David Castillo
Maia Apex Cybernetics Guard
by: Kofi Yiadom
Maia Apex Cybernetics Guard
by: Jim Palmer
David Lind (uncredited)
by: Drew Walton
Monarch Flight Crew (uncredited)
by: Tara Wraith
Bartender (uncredited)
by: Jason Virgil
Apex Guard (uncredited)
by: Grisel Toledo
Monarch Tactical Guard
by: Jason Szabo
Monarch Board Member (uncredited)
by: Jason Speer
Thug (uncredited)
by: Sen Shao
Fisherman (uncredited)
by: Scott M. Schewe
Apex Guard (uncredited)
by: Charles Sans
Reporter (uncredited)
by: Tasneem Roc
Monarch Military (uncredited)
by: Diezel Ramos
Construction Worker (uncredited)
by: Jon Quested
Monarch Tech #2 (uncredited)
by: Joel Pierce
Mean Girl (uncredited)
by: Sofia Nolan
Fisherman (uncredited)
by: Shawn McBride
Refugee (uncredited)
by: Clay Mason
HEAV Pilot #3 (uncredited)
by: Victoria Liu
Thug (uncredited)
by: Sonny Le
Apex Lab Tech (uncredited)
by: Santi Lawson
U.S. Navy Guard (uncredited)
by: Garreth Hadfield

Member Reviews :

As pure popcorn entertainment and the culmination of the Monsterverse saga, 'Godzilla vs. Kong' delivers the goods in an unexpectedly big way. This film is essential viewing for those who might like to watch a lizard punch an ape. - Jake Watt Read Jake's full article... https://www.maketheswitch.com.au/article/review-godzilla-vs-kong-hugely-entertaining
Satisfying through and through. Also they seemed to learn from the past mistakes (with Godzilla and Godzilla: King of the Monsters) of doing too much with the human characters, here they are thankfully just window dressing for the battle between the two titans. **3.75/5**
Oh Yeah! THE monster movie of the year is here and just how good is it! Is the plot predictable? Yep - I'd guessed 80% of it 2 months ago. Is it silly? You bet. Are the humans essential? Nah, but we didnt come here for them. We came to see Kong and Godzilla slug it out. And we got that! The scenes with the Kaiju are well thought out and choreographed (can we say that for digital fights?). And do they ever deck it out. The devastation you see on the poster gives away how much of Hong Kong gets destroyed (there will be extra land available for building now). The movie is directed and paced well - the first half sets things up for the multiple confrontation between the Kaiju; and the second half lets loose. None of the actors are given much to do and most seem to sleepwalk through it, but Rebecca Hall is easily the best (she is always a delight to watch), Kyle Chandler channels Coach Taylor for a couple of scenes, Julian Dennison (from Hunt for the Wilderpeople) gets some good lines and Demian Bichir is having fun as the evil rich dude (never trust rich people...in movies or real life). The sound design and score are both on point, but everything here subsides when the Kaiju are around. The CGI is great - and like Peter Jackson's Kong, you actually feel for the great big monkey. This movie is some first class popcorn, needing to be enjoyed on the biggest screen you can find.
Godzilla vs. Kong suffers from what other versus films such as Freddy vs. Jason or the Alien vs. Predator films also suffered from. These films put too much value in humans when the audience just wants to see more of the on-screen monsters they either paid hard money or chose to stream to see. That’s why if Legendary chooses to keep this franchise going they should do All Monsters Attack or something involving Monster Island next where humans can be spectators at best and monsters wreak havoc for up to two straight hours. Stop feeding fans unbearable human excretion and trying to pass it off as Godzilla gold. Full review: https://godhatesgeeks.com/godzilla-vs-kong-review-monkey-good-humans-bad/
  Chris Sawin
The REAL Clash of the Titans! It was spectacular! The two iconic monsters in Hollywood go head-to-head in an updated remake. Both a sequel AND a crossover! The best part was when Godzilla and Kong fought in the city, with all them tall buildings. Talk about classic monster fight! Am I right?! The second best part was when Kong came to Godzilla's aid and the two fought together against MechaGodzilla, right up to the end where Kong gave the final blow! And yes, I am aware that I am putting a lot of exclamation marks in my review, but only because I really enjoyed this movie and they're my way of expressing of how frickin' awesome this film was for me! Especially for personal reason... It has been 4 months since the third lockdown here in the UK, 4 months of cinemas everywhere closed. And in the week that every cinemas reopened the first film I wanted to see was Godzilla vs Kong. I admit that there were a couple of bits that would've improved; like more screen time from Kyle Chandler. And that other guy was supposed to be Serizawa's estranged son, but that was never acknowledged, despite the casting. But other than that, not only was Godzilla vs Kong the first film I've seen since the cinemas reopened but also the best film I have seen, so far!